There is a place where heaven and earth share the same stage

Whichever part of the Dutch or German North Sea coast or its islands you visit, you will be surveying an area that holds a natural beauty, unique in the world: the Wadden Sea. In June 2009 the Wadden Sea was added to the World Heritage List. Why is the Wadden Sea a World Heritage Site? And what does this mean? Find out more on this website.

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Highlights in the Wadden Sea World Heritage


World Heritage Weeks 2014

Experience the Dutch part of the Wadden Sea on one of the unique excursions during the World Heritage Week 2014: kayak expeditions, tidal flat walks at dusk or take part in one of the culinary boat trips. More »

Brent Geese Days on the Halligen

The next day Brent Geese Days will take place from 12 April to 11 May 2014. Large flocks of brent geese on the meadows on the Halligen - this are the brent goose days in the spring.
Since 1998, the Halligen communities, nature conservation organizations and the National Park  invite holidaymakers and day visitors to experience the impressive natural spectacle of Arctic bird migration more »

Wadden Sea World Heritage Infocenters

Both Wadden Sea inforcenters in Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven explain interesting facts about the Wadden Sea World Heritage to their big and small visitors. Various exhibitions and mud walks provide valuable insights into this unique natural lanscape. 

More: Wilhelmshaven / Cuxhaven

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Discovering the Wadden Sea

Wadden Sea Wildlife

Discovering Wadden Sea Wildlife

In the realm of seals, oystercatchers and lugworms. Learn more about the inhabitants of the wild marine nature.

Favourite places

Wadden Sea World Heritage at its best. Tell others about your favourite Wadden Sea place.