Wadden Sea Flyway Poster

Information material

The first ones have arrived: several millions of waders and waterbirds, on their way to their arctic breeding grounds, make a stop in the Wadden Sea, the main resting spot on the East Atlantic coastal flyway. Where the birds come from, where they are going, and which role the Wadden Sea plays, is described on a new poster from the IWSS-WWF series about World Heritage Wadden Sea.

With the support of the Bingo-Umweltlotterie, an updated version of WWF´s Flyway Poser has been made freely available for educational purposes and tourist information in the Danish, German and Dutch parts of the Wadden Sea.

The poster is available at wwf.de/watt/poster_flyway ,

Printed copies can be ordered here. Please note that shipping costs will be charged.