Things to do

Discover what makes a holiday in the Wadden Sea World Heritage area so unique

Looking for things to do when coming to explore the Wadden Sea World Heritage area? There are plenty of activities to do here. It is not a surprise that the area is one of the most popular holiday destinations of Germany and the Netherlands.

In this part of website the attention is focused on activities that are considered sustainable and that enable you to experience and learn about why the Wadden Sea has become World Heritage. This selection of activities can be enjoyed by anyone at any age and fits the area where the protection of nature is of a high priority. You can go tidal flat walking, birds and seal watching, to the beach and swimming, hiking and cycling.

Experience with care

Most activities presented here don't need any instruction - you just go for it and enjoy. But if you fancy learning something about a certain phenomenon or some weird creepy-crawlies, a guided tour is recommended. There are links to regional tour operators on the respective webpages.
In the German part of the Wadden Sea World Heritage some activities are offered by nature conservancy organisations or private tour operators certified as 'National Park Partners'.

Protection of the fascinating wadden sea landscape is the objective of the National Park Partner organisations. They are familiar with protective measures and cooperate with the National Park administration. The certified companies contribute to the protection of the Wadden Sea World Heritage by commitment to strict quality and conservancy guidelines.

We recommend to choose the tours and offers of the National Park Partner organisations when looking for a unique holiday experience. There are tour guides, accomodations, ship owners and more persons and companies at your service.

Partner organisations of the Schleswig Holstein National Park
Partner organisations of the Lower Saxony National Park