Beach and Swimming

More than sun and sand

For a relaxing day by the Wadden Sea, you may head down to a beach. Its beaches naturally vary in character, with plenty of space both for the loner on a natural beach and those who enjoy the fun and pleasure of a day at a more crowded beach with facilities provided, such as beach huts or cafés.

When coming to visit the Wadden Sea area, you can basically choose from two sorts of beaches. Either will you prefer vast beaches which are lining the islands towards the open North sea (+ a mainland beach on Eiderstedt peninsula in Schleswig-Holstein). Those beaches are large and wide with lovely fine sand and dunes that give shelter and warmth. Or should you explore something different, so called green beaches is then a place to go to. To be found mainly in the German part of the Wadden Sea, they have been inseparable part of the dikes. So feel free to take a refreshing swim in the Wadden Sea around the high tide.

Once being on the beach, one is not limited to just swimming and laying in the sun. There are other quality activities that can be enjoyed. In fact, there is actually a lot to learn about why the Wadden Sea area has become World Heritage.

Here are some tips for your inspiration:

Beware of local specifications to enjoy your day on the beach to the fulliest:

  • Take a stroll along the beach - a beach walk is highly popular at any time of the year. Clear your mind, leave your thoughts behind and let yourself fresh up with the salty wind.
  • Become part of natural elements - keep still for a moment and enjoy the vast space filled with salty air while listening to a wind sound, dynamics of sea waves and skein of various birds.
  • Look for sea fauna - especially kids love to grab their little fish nets and explore the catch pools for sea life that may have been left behind when the tide has gone out. This is a great time to find mussels, prawns, starfishes, common whelks, small crabs, hermit crabs or jellyfish.
  • Due to the strong dynamics (e.g. low tide) of the Wadden Sea, it might not be always possible or allowed to go swimming. Therefore it is recommended to watch a local warning system.
  • It is essential to know that some beaches are important resting and breeding areas to seals and birds (e.g. grey seal population on the island of Amrum, Germany). Mind the signs and enjoy from the distance!
  • Regarding so called green beaches, they represent selected number of marked areas. Thus not all the locations are ideal destinations for swimming. Keep in your mind that only high tide is the proper time to take a swim along the dikes.