Favourite places

Almost anyone staying in the beautiful Wadden Sea World Heritage region, whether as a tourist or a resident, is bound to be left with nice memories. A special moment, in a special place. A stunning sunset, the intense moment of joy being privileged to watch a group a sunbathing seals, your child, playing on the beach, ...

Let other people share your memories. Take a picture of those special places, add a short explanation, and send it to info@waddensea-worldheritage.org.

Between Schlüttsiel and Hallig Langeness (Germany)

Noordpolderzijl (Netherlands)

"Miraculous width, salt air in the nose, gulls shriek - everyday life, hectic rush and worries stay behind on the mainland and with every ramming of the ship engine a piece of strain drops from me. I love the crossing from Schlüttsiel to the Hallig Langeneß, together with Frisians, cows and other Halligfans!"

St. Peter-Ording (Germany)

"I like mud. It feels thrilling to throw myself in, to dig with my fingers in the mud or even to taste it. When I'm done, Mum and Dad clean me with North Sea water. They prefer sand. On the beach of St. Peter-Ordning, Germany, there is plenty of both mud and sand."
Artur, 1 year old, lives near Husum

"I've been exploring the Wadden Sea coast since my childhood. I think it's a wonderful place to stroll or just sit behind the dike and enjoy the peace and quiet around you. Enjoy the silence that is interrupted only by the sound of the wind and birds. I've already been to many places along the coast and I keep coming back. It is difficult to choose from all that beauty.

I especially like to come in autumn to "Zwarte Haan". The Wadden Sea is situated conveniently close and I can spend hours there in the lee of the dike. Noorderleeg is a place that invites you to have a nice little walk in the Wadden Sea salt marshes. Here you come across no people, you are alone. Noordpolderzijl is a magical place with that small tidal harbor. Lovely, just sit and enjoy."

Hillebrand Breuker

Dam in Holwerd (Netherlands)

"One of my favorite spots along the Dutch Wadden Sea is the dam in Holwerd. Born and raised in Kampen, I moved with my husband to Friesland. In the beginning I found it but nothing, not much to do, just pastures with cows. Only to go on holiday to Schiermonnikoog and Ameland, that was beautiful. Nevertheless after 36 years of living here, I can not imagine to leave. I enjoy the tranquility, nature and mudflats and I can say with all my heart that I feel home here."

Jannie Zoethout-Westerink