Hiking along the Wadden Sea

More than 1200 km of Hiking Trails surrounding the Wadden Sea
Experience the joy of hiking from the Netherlands to Germany across the spectacular landscape of the coast of the Wadden Sea World Heritage. Over 1200 km of hiking trails go in all directions towards the most beautiful areas along the majestic Wadden Sea.

The hiking trails guide along the coast on dikes, aside the fields of wheat and raps, over the beach, and between the dunes. 
A network of historic hiking routes before the dikes brings a hiker to medieval churches and typical landscapes. It is indeed very relaxing to hike in the Wadden Sea!

The hiking routes are based on the international North Sea hiking route (E9) and the Frisian coastal hiking route.  Thanks to this connection, the entire area can now be discovered: from Krabbendam and Texel to Delfzijl and Borkum.

Guidebooks, maps and webpage

A hiker can individually create and plan their routs at the Waddenwandelen website and via mobile devises. This can be done with the help of three hiking guidebooks, hiking maps and a brochure that contain the description of the nature and cultural details along the routes and suggestions for day tours.  The Wadden Sea - Hiker App offers information about landscapes, tourist attractions and retreat options

More information at http://www.waddenwandelen.nl/en/p/

Source: Waddenwandelen
Photos: Jonathan Andrew / Waddenwandelen