Hiking and Cycling

Discover the Wadden Sea the intensive way

Whether you delight in the challenge of an all-day-long hike or cycling tour on an island or rather prefer to sit quietly and watch the sunset, the Wadden Sea World Heritage offers countless number of places for you to walk or cycle to and enjoy. The hardest part may be choosing which tour, trail, overlook, natural spot or historic area to explore!



Hiking, walking for pleasure, running or jogging - all of them is an easy, low cost way to discover the dynamic beauty of the Wadden Sea. There are hiking opportunities for almost anyone at any age and ability level. Indulge yourself by becoming part of the intensive nature elements.

It is a delightful experience to explore both coastal area and islands. A walk along the dikes enables you to sight small harbours, historical spots and other cultural highlights along the coast. It offers you endless views with the wind breezing along your face and only sound of birds breaking the silence. Interested more in dunes and beaches? Visit one of the islands then. Saltmarshes as a tour destination could be another good tip. Colourful in summer and autumn, see the fields of Common Sea Lavender or Salicorn for yourself. Just be aware of the fact that saltmarsches are also important breeding and resting areas for birds. So always respect closed areas.

More information and tips for hiking:

Many locations provide with information panels where you can learn more about area and nature specifications. Guided hikes are also often available - mostly as saltmarshes, birds or dunes discovery trips. Look at the offers of nearly 50 visitor centers.

What is more, the Wadden Sea coast is also part of the North Sea Trail, a trail around the entire North Sea. More information can be found at www.northseatrail.org.

In the Dutch part of the Wadden Sea, this coastal trail will be connected with small hiking paths and (historical) landmarks in the area behind the dikes. Learn more about the ongoing project 'Waddenwandelen' on a special website (only in Dutch).

In the rolling landscape of  the Wadden Sea area there are no hills that cannot be climbed with ordinary pedal-power, and that is just one of the many reasons why the Wadden Sea area is the ideal territory for cyclists. Moreover, many islands are car-free so a bike is a must! Thus ride along shell covered cycle paths with no traffic around!

Let all your senses come alive. With no barrier between you and your surroundings, Wadden Sea area will get under your skin so that you can see, feel, and smell everything. Grab your bike and let every pedal stroke bring you further into the welcoming landscape of old villages along the dike with historic churches, typical farm houses and traditional harbours.. Benefit from wide horizon and endless view. Allow yourself to stop for a while and take a break on  a beach or a dike while watching a flood coming up or clouds of birds.
Furthermore, a cycling holiday in the Wadden Sea area is something for the whole family. It is both safe and convenient cycling territory. If you are not a regular cyclist, and usually travel by car, this active holiday can be quite a revelation.

In addition, the Wadden Sea area of the Netherlands and Germany is part of the long North Sea Cycle Route. This route is a challenge for enthusiasts all along the coast countries to cross. Information on this route can be found at www.northsea-cycle.com