The Frisian North Sea Coast

In 2010 Friesland was declared the most beautiful province in the Netherlands. We Frisians have been stating this for a long time, of course. After all, in Friesland you may enjoy beautiful waters and vast nature reserves. In Friesland you can also enjoy authentic little towns, each with their own history. Last but not least, you may enjoy the unique Dutch Shallows which are also part of Friesland!

Did you know that the Dutch Shallows are one of the most unspoiled nature reserves of the Netherlands? Just imagine the sea dyke winding through the landscape. Imagine the sea dyke as a symbol of the life that lies behind it. The sea dyke as a symbol of human strength versus the strength of nature. The green landscape featuring settlements scattered like beacons. And where else do sheep have right of way over the car?

Did you happen to know that along the Dutch Shallows lie a few jewels of cities? The rich history of the town of Dokkum is evident in the splendid residences in the old part of town, where Bonifatius is still keeping watch from his statue. And then there is Harlingen, where the shipping industry has played a dominant role for centuries and where the fresh sea breeze immediately refreshes your thoughts. Have you ever stayed in the lighthouse or climbed the highest artificial dwelling mound in the Netherlands? It is all possible.

The Frisian North Sea Coast is also connected to the West Frisian Islands or the 'Wadden Islands', of course. Each Wadden Island has its own charm, but there are a number of similarities. On every island you will find peace and quiet, splendour, exceptional flora and fauna, beaches and sand dunes. Vlieland is car-free, whereas you are allowed to bring your car with you to Terschelling. In summer, the young people of Ameland enjoy themselves in great numbers on the many terraces. Travellers preferring peace and quiet will definitely find what are looking for on Schiermonnikoog. Be it children, the elderly, youngsters or adults - there is something for everyone. Can't choose? There is a ferry service between the islands as well: 'Wadden-hopping' is a pleasure in itself!    

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