05.10.2017 | Trilateral Cooperation

A further step towards the trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage partnership center

The Banter-See-Park in Wilhelmshaven will become the center of operations of the Wadden Sea cooperation.

With the construction of the Trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage Centre at “Banter See Park” in Wilhelmshaven, institutions of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation will get a new home. Today, German State Secretary Almut Kottwitz handed over a grant of EUR 730,000 to Wilhelmshaven's Mayor Andreas Wagner. The grant is a first step towards implementing the Federal Government's funding proposal for the construction of the partner center, which derives from funds for national urban development projects worth EUR 4 million.

With the assurance of funding, the rehabilitation of contaminated soil and groundwater of the technology park at “Banter See” can now be launched. “With this, the kick-off for the large-scale project ‘Trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage Site’ is at last close at hand,” said Wagner. “At the same time, thanks to financial support, we can decontaminate a further part of the Banter See and thus make a real difference in the area." In the coming years, the partnership center is to be built, hosting the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS), the Wadden Sea Forum as well as the National Park Administration Wadden Sea Lower Saxony and new institutions.

“The money is very well spent here,” said Environment Secretary Almut Kottwitz at the delivery of the subsidy. "With the new partnership center, we are making an active contribution to the protection of the Wadden Sea as a UNESCO World Heritage site - and on ‘clean land.’ Hereby, we are improving the ecological situation of the site and are helping to make the whole area usable for leisure activities."

“The center is an important step in further deepening our trilateral cooperation,” said Rüdiger Strempel, CWSS Executive Secretary. “With it, we want to create cross-sectoral connections - for a sustainable development of the Wadden Sea region and for the protection of the World Heritage site and its outstanding universal value for future generations.”

The area in question, on which the naval base Bant was formerly located, was contaminated in the Second World War, which was the reason for the application of subsidies for brownfield recycling at N-Bank and the Lower Saxon Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Protection. The cost of the decontamination is estimated at EUR 1.8 million, of which EUR 1.5 million is eligible. The now handed over notification of EUR 730,000 covers 57% of the funding.

Parallel to the redevelopment of the subsoil, the concrete planning of the building’s construction is already under way. An architectural competition was recently launched. The drafts are expected to be submitted by the end of November and then examined by a specialist jury.