Centrum voor Natuur en Landschap Terschelling

Burgemeester Reedekerstraat 11
West-Terschelling 8881
+31 (0) 562442390/ +31 (0) 562442534
Main activities: 
  • Exhibition 'Wadden, weather & climate'.  Weather at the Wadden area deviates considerably from the mean Dutch weather. This is a very interesting exibition for Island visitors and inhabitants because everyone is confronted with the weather daily
  • For children the presentations have all kinds of playful elements
  • Sea aquaria (tanks) ranging from a few thousand liters to 40.000 liters show our visitors the life below the water surface. In an open tank visitors can touch Thornback Rays
Additional activities: 
  • Walks through several Island- biotopes in our museum
  • The visitor can learn about plants and animals and the interaction between man and nature in the past and present time
  • A unique, permanent show of 'Wadden movies'
  • Several puzzles and field work projects available