UNESCO-Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre Cuxhaven

Nordheimstr. 200
Cuxhaven-Sahlenburg 27476
+49 (0) 4721 /59056-10
Main activities: 
  • Tidal flat discovery tours
  • A microscope with video projection device helps to detect the tiny snails and worms that live in the mud
  • Guided tours to the salt marshes and heathlands
  • Bird watch tours at the beach of Sahlenburg
  • Afternoon events for children
  • Groups may inquire for special arrangements
Additional activities: 
  • Cuxhaven, situated at the tip of Lower Saxony, lies at a stone's throw away from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and therefore between the respective Wadden Sea National Parks of these three German Bundesländer
  • extensive exhibition including a model of the tidal flat ground, a tide model and fish tanks
  • Huge illuminated air picture of the Cuxhaven tidal flat area, satellite image of the whole World Heritage region
  • Kids corner
  • Sandy bluff with heathlands and a signposted nature trail at walking distance