Nationalpark-Haus Land Wursten

Am Kutterhafen 1
Dorum-Neufeld 27632
+49 (0) 4741 2826 / +49 (0) 4741 180247
Main activities: 
  • Tidal flat walks for all target groups from playschool to university, from children to elderly people, all year round
  • Birdwatch and salt marsh tours
  • Activities and events for children and teenagers, outdoors or indoors
  • Two children's seminars (only during high season)
  • Nature discovery biking tours
  • Talks
Additional activities: 
  • The Land Wursten region is a peninsula formed by the Elbe and Weser river estuaries
  • The Land Wursten National Park visitor centre is situated near the crabber's harbour (shrimp fisher's harbour) of Dorum-Neufeld.
  • The wadden sea with an important bird resting ground and salt marshes is only a stroll away
  • There is an historic lighthouse in 300 metres distance
  • Huge fish tanks
  • Exhibition about the Wadden Sea, North Sea, National Park and World Heritage