Nationalparkhaus Museum Butjadingen

Am Hafen 4
Butjadingen 26969
+49 (0) 4733 8517 / +49 (0) 4733 8550
Main activities: 
  • Tidal flat walks: "It's all mud - or what?", "Learn more about World Heritage", "Land between the tides"
  • Bird watch tours, special Barnacle Geese tours when the "Migrating Bird Days" are held in the Niedersachsen Wadden sea National Park
  • Special tours for schools, e. g. 14 different offers according to the primary school curriculum
Additional activities: 
  • Natural and cultural history museum situated near the shrimp cutter harbour of Fedderwardersiel
  • Exhibition about the history and archeology of the North Sea coast, focussing on the Butjadingen region between Weser estuary and Jade bight
  • Exhibition about Wadden Sea wildlife
  • Fish tanks
  • Signposted salt marsh discovery trail