UNESCO-Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre Wilhelmshaven

Wadden Sea Visitor Centre
Südstrand 110 b
Wilhelmshaven 26382
+49 (0) 4421 910733 / +49 (0) 4421 910712
Main activities: 
  • Wadden Sea World Heritage - dynamic landscape: water and sand experiments
  • Wadden Sea World Heritage - "Small Five Safari": meet with lugworm, common cockle, mud snail, crab and shrimp at the beach, to be booked with or without laboratory projects
  • Guided exhibition tours
  • Harbour Purpoise watching at the Jade bight
  • World Heritage discovery tours in a crabber (shrimp fishing cutter) to the island of Spiekeroog
  • World Heritage discovery boat trips at the Jade bight
Additional activities: 
  • The UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage visitor centre is situated at the historic marine base Wilhelmshaven near the Jade bight, an estuary of 190 square kilometres, part of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park.
  • 2000 square metres exhibition
  • Genuine crabber (shrimp fishing cutter)
  • 100 year old bird warden's hut
  • Bird collection of Heinrich Gätke, founder of the bird observatory on the island of Helgoland
  • Fish tanks
  • Roof-deck with stunning views on the Jade bight
  • Scientific labs
  • Library
  • World Heritage exhibition