Nationalpark-Haus Dangast

Zum Jadebusen 179
Varel - Dangast 26316
+49 (0) 4451 7058 / +49 (0) 4451 7078
Main activities: 
  • "Beach finds": guided beach tours for families
  • "Mud dwellers": tidal flat walks for families
  • Stories and history: tours through the city of Dangast
  • Seminars
  • Various tour packages for schools: The visitor centre is certified by the UNESCO decade of education for a sustainable development
Additional activities: 
  • The national park visitor centre is situated in the historic school building of Dangast near the Jade bight, a tidal flat of 190 square kilometres, part  of the Niedersachsen Wadden Sea National Park.
  • Discovery exhibition about the Wadden Sea World Heritage
  • Fish tanks
  • Tidal pool
  • Wadden sea explorers' laboratory
  • Kids' dicovery room
  • Painting and drawing workshops with the artist Claus Rabba