Nordseehaus Wangerland

Im Gästehaus Minsen
Kirchstraße 9
Wangerland / Minsen 26434
+49 (0) 4426 904700 / +49 (0) 4426 904702
Main activities: 
  • World Heritage discovery tours for kids
  • Talks about the World Heritage
  • Exposition about the World Heritage, National Park, renewable energy, climate change; special expositions of art and more
  • Information about guided tidal flat walks in cooperation with certified local guides
  • Scientific talks in cooperation with the Scientific Study Group For Nature And Environmental Protection who is involved as partner in the visitor centre operation
  • Information about ship tours in cooperation with the Wangerland Sea Tourism Company
  • Events for teenage groups
  • Cooperation with the youth hostel of Schillighörn
  • Special events for groups on request
  • Seminars
Additional activities: 
  • The visitor centre is run by the regional Wangerland Tourism Board, partner of the Niedersachsen Wadden Sea National Park since 2008
  • Focal points are nature conservancy, tourism and renewable energy
  • Five fish tanks and a touch pool
  • One pool displays a model of offshore wind energy
  • Location: In the small town of Minsen with its historic church, 5 kilometres away from the sea shore