Nationalpark-Haus Carolinensiel

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Pumphusen 3
Wittmund - Carolinesiel 26409
+49 (0) 4464 8403 / +49 (0) 4464 869329
Main activities: 

families with children into the Wadden Sea National Park. Departure point is Harlesiel.

  • At low tide: Tidal flat walks with certified tour guides to the island of Spiekeroog, round trips close to the coast suitable for children under 8 years of age, and salt marsh tours.
  • At high tide: trips with an historic sailing barge from the museum's harbour at Carolinensiel or with a fishing cutter from Harlesiel to the islands of Spiekeroog or Wangerooge, passing sand banks with resting seals. There will be demonstrations of historic or modern fishing. Tour operators are certified National Park partners.
  • Groups may inquire for special arrangements
  • Our "Tidal flat car" is an opportunity for disabled people to experience tidal flat tours.
Additional activities: 
  • The National Park Vistitor Centre Carolinensiel is situated near the old harbour of the fishermen's village, close to the historic sailing barges from the nearby sluice harbour museum (
  • The wadden sea wilderness and its use by humans from history until today is the main topic of the exhibition.
  • The new harbour, called Harlesiel, situated one kilometre to the North directly near the Wadden Sea National Park, is the departure point for tidal flat walks and boat trips.