Nationalpark-Haus Dornumersiel

Oll Deep 7
Dornumersiel 26553
+ 49 (0) 4933 1565/ +49 (0) 721 151 234 186
Main activities: 

Salt marsh walks

  • Bird watch tours
  • Painting class: "the coastal landscape in water colours"
  • Discover plants and animals at a tidal flat walk
  • Boat tours to the seal colonies with displayed fishing
  • A day on the island of Langeoog: Dune vegetation, geographical island development, freshwater use
  • Explore the driftline by microscope
  • Wind energy, the biggest landscape transformation of the century
  • National Park contra economy? Debates about tourism in the wadden sea region, coastal protection against nature protection and more
  • Special programmes  for school and college journeys and other travelling groups: "A journey through time and nature at the wadden sea World Heritage". To be booked as day-tour up to a week's stay.
Additional activities: 
  • The Dornumersiel National Park visitor centre communicates the diversity, uniqueness and beauty of the coastal landscape and nature.
  • Situated between Bensersiel and Neßmersiel, ferry quays to the East Frisian islands Langeoog and Baltrum, near the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park and World Heritage
  • Interactive exhibition with fish tanks and games for children
  • New exhibitions: "From mainland to island" and "New energies change the coastal landscape"
  • The "Environmental Forum", a seminar house with 32 beds, serves as accomodation for adult and school groups. All facilities are accessible for wheelchairs.
  • Spacious rooms with technical equipment for educational and laboratory projects, adequate for up to 80 people
  • Guided tours, instructed experiments and numerous media and material for environmental education projects provided
  • Discovery tours, hiking and biking contribute to sustainable, ecological and responsible behaviour according to the UNESCO guidelines of an education for sustainable development
  • Seminar programmes include historic and cultural tour destinations such as the cities of Esens and Dornum
  • Our programme is specially designed for schools and colleges
  • Bike rental for seminar groups