Nationalpark-Haus Norderney

Am Hafen 1
Norderney 26548
+49 (0) 4932 2001 / +49 (0) 4932 927698
Main activities: 
  • Mudflat hiking tours
  • Sea Explorer's Days
  • Bird watch tours
  • Tours to "the Wild East" of the island
  • Island discovery tours by bike
  • Each tour may be modified as required from children, adults or school/ college groups
Additional activities: 
  • Norderney, stretched over a length of 10 kilometres, belongs to the East Frisian islands. The village is situated at the western tip of the island, the eastern part is covered by pristine sand dunes.
  • The National Park visitor centre explains the ecology of the wadden sea and its protection by national park rules.
  • Fish tanks with native wadden sea fauna
  • A part of the exhibition tells about whale stranding events on Norderney
  • Climate change at the coastline
  • Wadden sea college
  • Films about the wadden sea