Nationalpark-Haus Juist

Carl-Stegmann-Str. 5
Juist 26571
+49 (0) 4935 1595 / +49 (0) 4935 8456
Main activities: 
  • Tidal flat and beach discovery tours for families with young children
  • Guided bicycle tours
  • Bird watch tours
  • Salt marsh walks
  • Talks about the tides, seals, harbour purpoises and birds of the island and the wadden sea; talks about World Heritage are scheduled
  • Talks and stories for children
Additional activities: 
  • On the stretched sandy barrier which forms the island of Juist you find the visitor centre in the historic train station building of the village
  • Skeleton of a 9 metres minke whale
  • Fish tanks with marine life
  • One room is filled with sand for a genuine Juist experience