Nationalpark-Haus Greetsiel

Schatthauser Weg 6
Greetsiel 26736
+49 (0) 4926 2041 / +49 (0) 4926 2303
Main activities: 

About 240 activities per annum, e. g.

  • Tidal flat walks
  • Bird watching tours
  • Salt marsh walks
  • Guided harbour tours with talks about traditional fisheries - mostly on shrimp - in the National Park area
  • Guided tours through the visitor center
  • All activities are suitable for children and elderly people. The visitor centre is suitable for disabled people, and so are bird watching tours and harbour talks.
Additional activities: 
  • Exposition about coastal fisheries in the National Park area, bird life and coastal protection
  • Fish tanks
  • Exposition has been updated in 2007
  • From Greetsiel harbour numerous traditional shrimp cutters start their fishing trips in the National Park