Nationalpark-Station Pellworm

Pellworm 25849
+49 (0) 4844 760
Main activities: 
  • Mudflat hiking tours to Süderoog Hallig in the core zone of the National Park and World Heritage. The 7 Kilometres tour (14 kms return) is the furthest tidal flat round trip you can do in North Frisia
  • Boat tours with the cutter of a fisherman's family from Pellworm. Trips go to Norderoog Hallig bird reserve, the Norderoog sandbank and seal resting grounds. During the trip there is displayed fishing with sea life discovery
  • Bird watch tours
  • Tidal flat discovery tours for kids and adults
  • Wadden sea lab: explore the mud microcosm
Additional activities: 
  • Pellworm is a marsh island protected against flooding by a huge dike. In some areas, the island surface lies up to one metre lower than sea level. Wet and extensively used pasture land and the absence of foxes make perfect breeding grounds for waders and waterfowl. The island is surrounded by ample tidal flats and the Halligen. All ten of them are situated within eyeshot from Pellworm.
  • The Schutzstation visitor centre presents the island's biodiversity within and outside the dikes. Marine life of the wadden sea World Heritage is displayed in fish tanks.