Nationalpark-Haus Nordstrand

Schutzstation Wattenmeer
Kurzentrum Norderhafen
Nordstrand 25845
+49 (0) 4842 519
Main activities: 
  • Mudflat hiking tours to Südfall Hallig within the core zone of the National Park and World Heritage, an important breeding area for sea gulls and terns
  • Mudflat hiking tours to Nordstrandischmoor Hallig. The meeting point, Lüttmoorsiel upon Beltringharder Koog, is easily accessible by bike from Nordstrand
  • Tidal flat discovery tours for children and adults
  • Kid's party: an afternoon of nature experience
  • Bird watch tours
Additional activities: 
  • The island of Nordstrand is actually a peninsula. You can get there by car crossing an embankment. In 1987, the Nordstrand bight was locked by a dike, creating the polder Beltringharder Koog which is now Schleswig Holstein's largest nature reserve. With its freshwater, marine an brackish wetlands it is an important breeding and resting area for waders and waterfowl. The landscape of Nordstrand is mainly farmland. There is access to salt marshes and tidal flats
  • The exhibition of the National Park visitor centre was improved in 2009. It focusses on what the wadden sea signifies to humans: storm tides, coastal protection and nature conservancy