Nationalpark-Station Leuchtturm Westerhever

Schutzstation Wattenmeer
Südhaus Leuchtturm
Westerheversand 25881
+49 (0) 4865 298
Main activities: 
  • Lyrical walks: Reading legends and poems we get in a mood to discover the mystery of the wadden sea
  • Mudflat discovery for kids and adults
  • Bird watch tours
  • Talks and lab workshops for seminar groupsSalt marsh walks: Only specially adapted animals and plants survive these extreme conditions. Discover spicy herbs and weird creepy-crawlies
Additional activities: 
  • The Westerhever light house was built in 1907 on a dwelling mound in the salt marsh, at the tip of the Eiderstedt peninsula. In autumn and spring flocks of thousands of Brent and Barnacle Geese gather on the ample salt marshes for grazing. Crossing the tidal flat in a few hundred meter's stroll you find the Westerhever sandbar. In summer it's perfect for sun bathing and swimming, in winter for amber seeking. Little and Arctic Terns breed on the sand
  • The two romantic little houses on each side of the light house accomodate seminar groups, the Schutzstation team, a National Park exhibition and a wadden sea laboratory
  • The exhibition includes fish tanks, a discovery corner and a "touch table" of driftwood, shells and other treasures from the driftline