Nationalpark-Zentrum Multimar Wattforum Tönning

Am Robbenberg
Tönning 25832
+49 (0) 4861 9620 0 / +49 (0) 4861 9620 10
Main activities: 
  • The wadden sea ecosystem, the National Park and World Heritage are focal points of the exhibition
  • Exhibits inform of more World Heritage areas
  • During guided tours and events for kids and scholar groups, World Heritage is always mentioned and being explained
  • Information about tours and events in the National Park and World Heritage by National Park Rangers
  • School lab, fish encounter and more events for playschools, schools and colleges
Additional activities: 
  • Multimedial, interactive exposition on 4000 square metres. Various fish tanks. The biggest one of 250,000 litres displays marine life on a 6 to 6 metres panoramic window. Twice a week you can watch a diver feeding the fish, talking to the public through a loudspeaker system
  • An 18 metres Sperm Whale skeleton with a half-shell sculpture of the adult male is the show-piece of an exposition about whales, their endangerement and protection
  • The most recent part of the exhibition focusses on migratory fih species and their freshwater habitat. One of them is the now extinct Common Sturgeon. Another important point is overfishing and sustainable management of fish populations
  • For children there is many interactive exhibits, a touch pool, a toddler's corner an a big water and sand play area outdoors
  • An elevator secures easy access to all floors