Schutzstation St.Peter-Ording

Schutzstation St.Peter-Ording
St.Peter-Ording 25826
United States
+49 (0) 4863 5303
Main activities: 
  • Sand, sea and stars: nocturnal beach walks
  • Mud discovery for kids and adults - mud-wrestling on request!
  • Salt marsh and dune walks: Only specially adapted animals and plants survive these extreme conditions. Discover spicy herbs and weird creepy-crawlies
  • Beach walks scanning for shells, snails, amber and more treasures
  • Bird watch tours
  • Kid's party: an afternoon of nature experience
Additional activities: 
  • The beach of St. Peter-Ording is the largest mainland beach of the wadden sea region. It displays the transition between sand, salt marshes, dunes and moor. Beach and salt marshes are part of the Wadden Sea National Park and World Heritage. The endangered Little Tern and Kentish Plover breed on the beach. There are two signposted beach accesses for car drivers who want to get close to the sea, but to cross the dunes walking with a coaster wagon for the kids is a more beautiful choice.
  • The Schutzstation offers numerous tours and nature experience. A visitor centre is being built in cooperation with the community inside the thermal pool building "Dünentherme". It will allow an indoors-experience of coastal and wadden sea flora and fauna.