Sturmflutenwelt "Blanker Hans" Büsum

Sturmflutenwelt "Blanker Hans"
Dr.-Martin-Bahr-Str. 7
Büsum 25761
+49 (0) 4834 90 91 35 / +49 (0) 4834 90 91 37
Main activities: 
  • Varying exhibitions about the balance between nature protection and coastal protection
  • "Wadden Sea Experimental Show": Two days a week the nature protection organisation Schutzstation Wattenmeer offers events in our exhibition rooms
  • Combined tickets with tidal flat walks and boat trips from the local shipowning company Rahder
  • Birthday party events for kids involve a walk to the tidal flat that lies in only 100 metres distance from "Sturmflutwelt"
Additional activities: 
  • "Sturmflutwelt", which means "World Of Storm Tide", is a mixture of show, rollercoaster and varying exhibitions
  • Exhibition topics are: climate and climate change, weather, tides, coastal protection, storm tides, dikes and much more