Nationalpark-Station Friedrichskoog

Schutzstation Wattenmeer
Am Hafen / Südseite
Friedrichskoog 25718
+49 (0) 4854 9298
Main activities: 
  • Bird watch tours
  • Mud experience for kids and adults
  • Mudflat hiking tours
  • Salt marsh walks
Additional activities: 
  • Friedrichskoog is the southernmost point of the Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. Ample salt marshes and mudflats form the transition between wadden sea and the river Elbe estuary. They are rich foraging grounds for migrating and breeding birds and make Friedrichskoog a perfect place for birdwatching
  • Within eyeshot from Friedrichskoog there is evidence of the everlasting debate between protection and use of the wadden sea: It's the strictly protected bird island Trischen and, at a stone's throw away, the petrol exploitation platform
  • The exhibition of the visitor centre on the southern side of the harbour focusses on the ecology of the wadden sea and its use by man
  • Many shrimp fishing boats can be observed in the harbour. Close to the quay there is an indoor playground and the seal nursery