Naturschutzgemeinschaft Sylt

Naturschutzgemeinschaft Sylt e.V.
M.-T. Buchholzstich 10 a
Wenningstedt-Braderup 25996
+49 (0) 4651 44421 / +49 (0) 4651 46433
Main activities: 
  • Guided bicycle tours
  • Tidal flat walks
  • Morsum bluff tours
  • Heathland walks
Additional activities: 
  • The Braderup visitor centre is situated at Sylt East coast. This part of the island of Sylt is characterized by the nature reserves Braderup heathlands and Morsum bluff. Soil layers up to 10 Million years of age form the bluff
  • Interactive exhibition about wildlife in the wadden sea and the heathlands
  • A part of the exhibtion is dedicated to the harbour purpoise. This small whale species raises its calves close to the Sylt West coast
  • Fish tanks
  • Touch path
  • Herb garden