Naturkundemuseum Niebüll

Hauptstr. 108
Niebüll 25899
+49 (0) 4661 56 91 / +49 (0) 4661 90 27 19
Main activities: 
  • "Small Five Safari" for kindergarten, schools and groups: Discover lugworm, common cockle, mud snail, crab and shrimp at a tidal flat walk near Dagebüll and a guided tour through the Niebüll Nature History Museum. Transport by train between Niebüll and Dagebüll
Additional activities: 
  • Nature history museum and national park visitor centre in the city of Niebüll, 9000 inhabitants. The Wadden Sea and Dagebüll, harbour of the ferries to the north Frisian islands and Halligen, are situated 8 kilometres west from Niebüll and are accessible by train
  • The exposition shows the regional flora and fauna of inland and coast
  • Freshwater and marine fish tanks
  • Live bee colony in a display cabinet during summer
  • Kids' discovery room
  • Garden with numerous patches of historic vegetable varieties