Nationalpark-Haus Föhr

Hafenstr. 23
Wyk auf Föhr 25938
+49 (0) 4681 4290 / +49 (0) 4681 984
Main activities: 
  • Tidal flat walks with World Heritage information
  • Excursions to Hallig Hooge, in cooperation with Wyker Dampfschiffs-Reederei
  • Slide shows and power point presentations (on demand)
Additional activities: 
  • The marsh island of Föhr is the second biggest of the North Frisian islands (83 square kilometres)
  • The exhibition in the visitor centre of Wyk, main town of the island, guides through the four seasons in the wadden sea: cold winter, awakening spring, sunny summer and stormy autumn
  • The interactive exhibition is designed for a playful discovery and appeals to all senses
  • Huge fish tanks accomodate diverse marine life
  • Excursion sheets for school groups and families