Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten Sylt

Hafenstraße 37
List / Sylt 25992
+49 (0) 4651 836190 / +49 (0) 4651 8361955
Main activities: 
  • Guided tours to the oyster farm
  • Tidal flat walks
  • Bird watch tours
  • Talks about World Heritage and bird migration
  • Talks for kids about seals and harbour purpoises
Additional activities: 
  • The visitor centre "Forces of nature" is situated near the harbour of List on the northern tip of the island of Sylt, a few steps away from the North Sea
  • 3 main topics: "live with the forces of nature", "the power of the North Sea", "climate, weather and science"
  • 1500 square metres of exhibition, 800 square metres of playground
  • Interactive elements and games such as the "wadden sea mud tunnel" or the "wave channel"
  • Audio-stations in danish, english, german
  • Many elements are specially designed for children and teenagers, such as special "kids' programmes" at the audio-stations
  • Wildlife movie documentaries, specially recorded for the visitor centre