Nationalpark-Station Wittdün Amrum

Schutzstation Wattenmeer
Mittelstraße 34
Wittdün 25946
+ 49 (0) 4682 2718
Main activities: 
  • Mud discovery for kids
  • Salt marsh and dune walks: Only specially adapted animals and plants survive these extreme conditions. Discover spicy herbs and weird creepy-crawlies
  • Beach walks scanning for shells, snails, amber and more treasures
  • Bird watch tours
Additional activities: 
  • The dune island of Amrum offers many discovery opportunities. In summer, the dunes are full of 10000 breeding seagulls. The beach on the western part of the island is 10 kilometres long and up to two kilometres wide, while the eastern part with its bluffs and salt marshes is also worth exploring.
  • The nature conservancy organisation Schutzstation Wattenmeer offers numerous activities on the island and in the National Park.
  • The Schutzstation visitor centre in Wittdün town displays landscape models, fish tanks and much more information to see, feel and read. It is the tour meeting point.