Nationalpark-Station Rixwarf Hallig Langeneß

Schutzstation Wattenmeer
Peterswarf 2
Hallig Langeneß 25863
+49 (0) 4684 216
Main activities: 
  • Salt marsh tours discovering Common Redshank, Sea Wormwood and rare creepy crawlies
  • Kid's party: an afternoon of nature experience
  • Bird watch tours
  • Hallig discovery walking or by bike
  • Wadden sea lab: explore the mud microcosm
Additional activities: 
  • Langeneß is the largest of the ten North Frisian Halligen. These special pieces of salt marsh in the middle of the sea are not protected by dikes and may be flooded by storm tides. The people - 120 on Langeneß - protect themselves by living upon dwelling mounds above sea level. During autumn and even more in springtime the Hallig area is an important resting area for up to 15000 brent geese and other migrating birds.
  • Two visitor centres with exhibitions about the nature of the Hallig area, focussed on the salt marsh ecosystem: one on Rixwarf close to the ferry quay, the other on Peterswarf ("Peter's dwelling mound").
  • On Peterswarf the Schutzstation offers activities for tourists and seminar groups, including accomodation and equipment for the latter.
  • Close to the vistior centre there is an ongoing salt marsh investigation and monitoring project run by the WWF since 1986.