Amsinck-Haus Hamburger Hallig

Sönke-Nissen-Koog 36a
Reußenköge 25821
+49 (0) 4671 927154 / +49 (0) 4671 927155
Main activities: 
  • Signposted salt marsh discovery trail
  • Bicycle rental for tours to the Hamburger Hallig and other routes
  • Information and maps about the wadden sea World Heritage and the Halligen
  • Information about the job of the nature conservancy organisation NABU and their hat on the so-called "sheep mound" in the middle of the salt marshes
  • Information about tidal flat walks and more activities offered by the National Park Ranger on Hamburger Hallig
Additional activities: 
  • The visitor centre is just a couple of steps away from the dike. A few metres seawards from the dike, vast salt marshes form the border of the National Park and World Heritage Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea. Crossing the salt marshes on a paved driveway you reach the Hamburger Hallig in a 20 Minutes' bicycle ride
  • Exhibition about culture and economy of life in the polders, marshes and Halligen of the North Frisian region
  • Information about the job of the National Park Ranger who works on Hamburger Hallig and the history of that place
  • Another focal point: The history of regional polder and dike building