Nationalpark-Haus Hallig Hooge

Schutzstation Wattenmeer
Hanswarft 2
Hallig Hooge 25859
+49 (0) 4849 229
Main activities: 
  • Mudflat hiking tours to the Hallig Norderoog bird reserve (only inhabited by a caretaker during summer) and to the Japsand, an uninhabited sand spit and important breeding ground for the rare Little Tern
  • Bird watch tours
  • Hallig discovery tour, walking or by bike
  • Mudflat discovery tours for kids and adults
  • Salt marsh walks
  • Boat tours with displayed fishing of shells, crabs, fish and more marine life
  • Wadden sea lab: explore the mud microcosm
Additional activities: 
  • Hooge with 100 inhabitants is the second largest of the Halligen. These special pieces of salt marsh in the middle of the sea are not protected by dikes and may be flooded by storm tides. The people protect themselves by living upon dwelling mounds above sea level. During autumn and even more in springtime the Hallig area is an important resting area for up to 15000 brent geese and other migrating birds.
  • The Schutzstation visitor centre upon Hanswarft ("Jack's dwelling mound") offers activities for tourists and seminar groups.
  • The National Park exhibition focusses on the wadden sea ecosystem and the realtionship beween men and nature over the centuries.
  • To seminar groups the visitor centre offers accomodation and substantial equipment such as binoculars, projector and wireless internet access.