In general, dynamic coastal regions aren't usually a home for all that many different species of plants and animals. However, the Wadden Sea is different. Because there are so many habitats and so much food available, there is an enormous amount of variety in species living in this unpredictable region.

In the marshes, where plants and animals must deal with regular saltwater flooding, around 2300 different species can be found. Approximately 400 species of insects forage for food in this vegetation. Although you only find 45 different species of large plants here, there are 500 species of algae and fungi living off of the dead plant material. At least 100 different species of birds forage for food or look for a place to rest in between all the vegetation.

Another 2700 different species of plants and animals live in the seawater, which regularly disappears and is largely influenced by the land climate. More than 100 species of fish swim in this water. Here there are more than 400 different species of large bottom dwellers, such as worms and shellfish. This exceptional wealth of species makes the Wadden Sea a true gold mine.