New project started at University of Groningen: Empty bottles help Wadden Sea World Heritage

Empty bottles help Wadden Sea World Heritage. How? The University of Groningen (RUG) now has collection points for plastic bottles at six locations, where users can dispose their empty bottles. 100% of the proceeds of their recycling go towards education measures on the Wadden Sea World Heritage and thus contribute directly to better protection of the Wadden Sea. The collection method ensures that the bottles will be recycled and not burned. The project has been brought to life by the Wadden Sea World Heritage Coordinator in the Netherlands,  Beijk Catering, vending at work, and the University of Groningen in the framework of Interreg project "PROWAD Link: Protect & Prosper".

The choice of projects supported by the proceeds, such as developing teaching materials, excursions for special target groups or a cleaning campaign, will be a joint decision by the partners in this project. Christoffer de Vries van Beijk catering is very happy with the project: "In this way we offer students and employees the opportunity to return their bottles in a sustainable way and directly contribute to the protection of the World Heritage." Sjon de Haan, Wadden Sea World Heritage Coordinator in the Netherlands is delighted with the collaboration: “In addition to making resources available for education, we also inform students on location about the World Heritage in their backyard.” The partners look forward to a lasting collaboration.