Trilateral Programming Committee Wadden Sea Research, member list

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WSB31 Wadden Sea Team Shipping project Partnership Hub port PSSA

Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI), Wadden Sea World Heritage, Oustanding Universal Value (OUV)

Flyway & breeding birds, Fish targets / SWIMWAY, Wardening & management, Seal Management Plan (SMP), Harbour porpoises, Alien species, Sustainable fisheries, Marine litter, Light emissions, Energy, Ports and shipping, Trilateral Research Agenda (TRA), Natura 2000 (N2000) roof report, Single Integrated Management Plan (SIMP), Quality Status Report (QSR), TG-M Work plan 2020

Monitoring and Assessment


ISWSS, draft programm, National Park Authority Wadden Sea of Schleswig-Holstein, climate change, science, management

Communication strategy, Wadden Sea Newsletter, Annual Report, leaflet, video, webinar, microsites, Yellow Sea, Korea, Bohai Sea

21 November 2019, Wilhelmshaven