Shipping safety, Management

Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC), IPCC, Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CVI)

Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative, International Climate Initiative (IKI), Arctic workshop in Yamal

Flyway & Breeding Birds, Fish targets/ Swimway, Wardening & management, Seal Management Plan, Harbour porpoises, Alien Species, Salt Marshes, Sustainable Fisheries, Marine litter, Light Emissions, Ports & shipping, Trilateral Research Agenda, Natura 2000 roof report, SIMP, QSR, work plan

Launch event, ITB, Partnership Hub, anniversary, brand activation, SMEs

Single Integrated Management Plan, site-managers’ interviews and workshop, key topics, preliminary structure

State of Conservation, Esbjerg harbour, WH strategy/ roadmap, WH Marine Programme, renewable energy

19 June 2019, Vlieland

21 November 2019, Wilhelmshaven