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31st Meeting of the Wadden Sea Board (WSB 31)


Virtual meeting


This WSB 31 is a shortened online meeting. To this end, the focus will be on the points to be decided upon (see annotation under agenda point 2 of the list of  items to be decided upon, with references to the appropriate documents), taking note of the other information. In addition, a short presentation is scheduled on the PROWAD-LINK project and by the ORIS Swiss watch factory (pending: to be decided).


Meeting documents

Also available in the "Document library" (Archive)

Document number Document Upload date
WSB 31/2 WSB 31 Draft Annotated Agenda 27.05.2020
WSB 31/3 WSB 30 Draft Summary Record 27.05.2020
WSB 31/4/1 International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium 2021 27.05.2020
WSB 31/4/2 Announcements by CWSS 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.1/1 TG-WH Progress Report 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.1/2 SIMP Status Report 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.1/3 Prowad Link Progress Report 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.1/4 Trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage Foundation_DE-proposal 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.2/1 TG-M Progress Report 28.05.2020
WSB 31/5.2/2 WSFI IKI Project Outline Application 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.3 Progress in Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) project 04.06.2020
WSB 31/5.4/1 TG-MA Progress Report 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.4/2 QSR Proposal by TG-MA 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.5/1 Science Cooperation TRA-RMC Progress Report 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.5/2 TPC-WSR ToR 27.05.2020
WSB 31/5.5/3 TPC-WSR chairs and members 17.06.2020
WSB 31/5.5/4

Wadden Sea Research 1st Prioritisation Approach

WSB 31/5.6 Cooperation with Oris 27.05.2020
WSB 31/6 OPteamPH Progress Report 27.05.2020
WSB 31/7.1 Wadden Sea Forum Progress Report 28.05,2020
WSB 31/7.2 Outline Shipping project WSTeam 28.05.2020