Wadden Sea Ecosystem 19: Wadden Sea Quality Status Report 2004

The report consists of 13 chapters containing basic information on human activities in the Wadden Sea and on physico-chemical and ecological conditions. Chapter 14 gives a synthesis of ecosystem developments. In Chapter 15, an evaluation is given of the Targets of the Wadden Sea Plan. The QSR 2004 is intended to serve for discussions with experts, policy makers and managers in the preparation of the 10th Trilateral Wadden Sea Conference (Schiermonnikoog, 3 November 2005), where the focus and tasks for the next period of Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation will be defined. The QSR 2004 was prepared under the responsibility of the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Group (TMAG) and organized by the QSR Management Team, an ad-hoc working group under the TMAG, and the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS).


Citation: Essink, K., Dettmann, C., Farke, H., Laursen, K., Lüerßen, G., Marencic, H. and Wiersinga, W. (Eds.), 2005. Wadden Sea Quality Status Report 2004. Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 19. Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Group, Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

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