15 ISWSS moved to online location due to recent COVID-19 development

Due to the current developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisers of the 15th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium have decided to refrain from a face-to-face conference in Büsum. Instead of cancelling or again postponing the event, however, it is currently all hands on deck in order to move the event to an online platform. Further information will follow as soon as possible.


On a different note, it is possible to contribute to ongoing science efforts in the Wadden Sea through a peer-reviewed paper: “A publication of the contribution at the ISWSS and also of work beyond the symposium will be possible in a peer-reviewed paper under the topical collection "Biodiversity and Ecology of the Wadden Sea under changing environments“ in the journal “Marine Biodiversity”. MARB publication style is Continuous Article Publishing, meaning that all papers are published online when they are ready and immediately assigned to an issue (no waiting for the slowest paper as it the case for special issues). ISWSS papers will be mirrored as topical collection on the webpage.

As all papers must be within scope of Marine Biodiversity, all topics need to relate to marine biodiversity research, which most probably will include the contributions by the authors for the themes Birds, Marine Mammals, Alien Species, Sublittoral Habitats, Sustainable development – Eco and Fish.