Manual "Managing Natural World Heritage"

The Resource Manual is aimed at anyone with an interest in World Heritage, in particular those responsible for managing natural World Heritage sites, managers and staff of protected areas, local communities and indigenous peoples engaged in managing the property, as well as institutions and businesses operating in or alongside a natural World Heritage site.

The Resource Manual is structured around a framework developed by IUCN for its management effectiveness work on protected areas. It identifies five stages within the management process: understanding the context of the site; planning site management; studying allocation resources and other inputs; the resulting series of management processes; and the positive impacts on the conservation of the site.

This manual is also an essential guide for World Heritage site managers to available literature and documentation on management issues. As site managers are faced with new challenges on almost a daily basis, conservation strategies must also evolve.

The titles in this series are produced as PDF online documents which can be downloaded free of charge. Free/non-profit use/reproduction of this manual is encouraged, always quoting the original source.


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