Join the North Sea Sustainable Innovation Challenge with your sustainable ideas and initiatives!

PROWAD LINK is looking for ideas, initiatives and innovations that contribute to solving social, environmental, economic and heritage challenges in the North Sea region.

Do you have ideas on how to initiate sustainable collaborations, foster respectful host-guest encounters or connect economic growth and cultural and environmental preservation? Then we are looking for you! Take part in the Sustainable Innovation Challenge and submit your idea by 31 March 2022!

In times of covid-19 recovery and climate change, innovation and sustainable solutions are much needed, for instance in the field of tourism, circular economy, agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure and beyond. The Sustainable Innovation Challenge welcomes ideas on a more sustainable future in the North Sea region. These can range from full-on game-changers to small initiatives or minor tweaks to services, processes and products that potentially could have major impact. The winners of the challenge will receive a support programme by PROWAD LINK including business coaching and marketing training to take your idea to the next level.

The Sustainable Innovation Challenge is all about collaboration, tinkering and open innovation. Therefore, all participants are invited to join the free innovation bootcamps. There, participants receive feedback, strengthen the impact of the idea and expand their network with like minded sustainability enthusiasts.

So, are you a (group of) students, an entrepreneur, or someone with a drive for change and innovation for businesses, communities and the environment in the North Sea region? Participate in the North Sea Sustainable Innovation Challenge by March 31st and contribute to a happy and healthy North Sea region.

For more information, please visit the Sustainable Innovation Challenge webpage or contact