Successful 4th Webinar of trilateral Community of Understanding Sediment Solutions

On 11 March, the 4th webinar of the trilateral Community of Understanding (CoU) Sediment Solutions was held online. The webinar started with a presentation on the EU-H2020-project "Large scale RESToration of COASTal ecosystems through rivers to sea connectivity" (REST-COAST), which includes part of the Wadden Sea as the Ems estuary and the coast of Lower Saxony are project regions. The presentation included information on the project and its cross-border cooperation. It further showcased many examples on nature-based solutions, ecosystem services, ecological sediment management and included overarching guiding coastal management principles and their policy implications.

The webinar gave also room to a brief introduction on this ‘digital hydro-morphological twin of the trilateral Wadden Sea’ TrilaWatt as well as on the Sandküste St. Peter-Ording project, with insights into the geomorphology, nature-based coastal protection and dune restoration.

The Community of Understanding (CoU) Sediment Solutions was started on initiative of the Programme Towards a Rich Wadden Sea (PRW). As the programme will end in 2022, PRW is seeking further support to ensure the continuation of this community. At the webinar, Wim Schoorlemmer (PRW) suggested setting up an Agenda Committee. He encouraged volunteers to step forward and take part in the proposed committee: “Based on our own experience, the number of activities and the availability of practical support, we estimate that this will take approximately 2 to 3 days per year. So please let us know before 1 April if you want and can help the community. As soon as possible afterwards we organize a new agenda committee." If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Wim Schoorlemmer (w.j.schoorlemmer[at] or Michiel Firet (m.firet[at]

The webinar was closed with a recently published animation video about the synergy between natural dynamics and coastal protection in the Netherlands.

All presentations are available on the website of the Community of Understanding. The webinar is also available as video.

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