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NGE 20-1 NGE 20-1/1 NGE 20-1 Draft Agenda

virtual meeting 28 August 2020, IWSS

14.08.2020 PDF icon NGE 20-1 Draft Agenda.pdf
NGE 20-1 NGE 20-1/5/1 IWSS Draft Action Plan 2020-2022

Trilateral Education Work Program, International Wadden Sea School

14.08.2020 File Draft Action Plan IWSS 2020-2022.docx
NGE 20-1 NGE 20-1/5/2 Project Outline What makes the Wadden Sea so valuable

Outstanding Universal Value, IWSS

14.08.2020 File 200813 Outline OUV Project en v1.docx
WH Management Plan-draft v0.1 31.07.2020 Package icon WH Management Plan-draft
TG-M20 Topical meeting: Sustainable Fisheries TG-M20 Topical meeting: Sustainable Fisheries TG-M 20: topical meeting sustainable fisheries agenda, objectives, background

Framework Sustainable Fisheries, Single integrated management plan (SIMP)

01.07.2020 File TG-M2020-Fisheries-Agenda-and-purpose.docx
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.5/3 TPC-WSR Chair and members

Trilateral Programming Committee Wadden Sea Research, member list

17.06.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-5-3-Science Cooperation Nominees TPC-WSR.pdf
WG-SWIMWAY 20-2 WG-SWIMWAY 20-2/7/1 Roadmap 2020

SWIMWAY, Roadmap, Fish

08.06.2020 File WG-SWIMWAY20-2-7-1-Roadmap.docx
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.3 Progress in Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) project

Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI), Wadden Sea World Heritage, Oustanding Universal Value (OUV)

04.06.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-3rev climate-vulnerability-index.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.2/1 Progress report TG-M

Flyway & breeding birds, Fish targets / SWIMWAY, Wardening & management, Seal Management Plan (SMP), Harbour porpoises, Alien species, Sustainable fisheries, Marine litter, Light emissions, Energy, Ports and shipping, Trilateral Research Agenda (TRA), Natura 2000 (N2000) roof report, Single Integrated Management Plan (SIMP), Quality Status Report (QSR), TG-M Work plan 2020

28.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-2-1-tg m progress report.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/7.2 Outline Shipping project WSTeam

WSB31 Wadden Sea Team Shipping project Partnership Hub port PSSA

28.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-7-2-Outline_Shipping_project_WSTeam.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/7.1 Wadden Sea Forum Progress Report

WSB31 Wadden Sea Forum Dark Sky macroplastic climate change goose management shipping safety fisheries Partnership Centre

28.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-7-1-Wadden Sea Forum Progress Report.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.2/2 WSFI IKI Project Outline Application

IKI, WSFI, East Atlantic Flyway, critical sites project applikation, climate change, migratory birds, climasate resilient flyway, terrestial marine biodiversity, BirdLife, Wetlands, PNBA, IBAP, AEWA, Arctic, West Africa

27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-2-2-WSFI IKI project outline application.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.4/2 QSR Proposal by TG-MA

Quality Status Report

27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-4-2-QSR proposal by TG-MA.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.5/1 Science Cooperation TRA-RMC Progress Report 27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-5-1-Science Cooperation TRA-RMC progress report.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.5/2 TPC-WSR ToR 27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-5-2-TPC-WSR ToR.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.5/4 Wadden Sea Research 1st Prioritisation Approach 27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-5-4-Wadden Sea Research 1st Prioritisation Approach.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/6 OPteamPH Progress Report 27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-6-OPteamPH_progress_report.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/3 WSB 30 DRAFT Summary Record

21 November 2019, Wilhelmshaven

27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-3-WSB30_DRAFT_summary_record-final version.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/4/2 Announcements by CWSS

Communication strategy, Wadden Sea Newsletter, Annual Report, leaflet, video, webinar, microsites, Yellow Sea, Korea, Bohai Sea

27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-4-2-Announcements by CWSS.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/4.1 International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium 2021

ISWSS, draft programm, National Park Authority Wadden Sea of Schleswig-Holstein, climate change, science, management

27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-4-1-ISWSS.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.4/1 TG-MA Progress Report

Monitoring and Assessment


27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-4-1-TG-MA Report.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/2 WSB 31 draft annotated agenda

18 June 2020, virtual meeting

27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-2-Draft Annotated Agenda.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.6 Cooperation with Oris

Swiss watch, Wadden Sea edition, Wadden Sea World Heritage, project sponsoring, foundation

27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-6-Cooperation with Oris.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.1/2 SIMP Status Report

single integrated management plan, SIMP, progress report

27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-1-2-SIMP status report.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.1/4 Trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage Foundation_DE-proposal

18 June 2020, virtual meeting

27.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-1-4-Trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage Foundation_DE-proposal.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.1/1 TG-WH Progress Report

World Heritage Strategy and roadmap, State of Conservation Report, World Heritage Marine Programme, IWSS, communication, WHC project on renewbles energy

26.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-1-1-tg wh progress report.pdf
WSB 31 WSB 31/5.1/3 Prowad Link Progress Report

Protect and Prosper, project progress, extension, impacts. COVI-19

26.05.2020 PDF icon WSB-31-5-1-3-prowad-link progress report.pdf
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/3/4 Announcements Hamburg

To note

28.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-3-4-Announcement-Hamburg.docx
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/1 Draft Agenda (2020-04-17)

The meeting is proposed to adopt the draft agenda.

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-1-draft agenda-v2(2020-04-17).docx
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/3/1 Announcements Schleswig-Holstein

To note

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-3-1-Announcement-SH-LKN-NPV.docx
TG-WH 30/3/2a Announcements Denmark

To note

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-3-2a-Announcement-DK.docx
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/3/2b Announcement Denmark NP Plan

To note

TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/3/3 Announcements The Netherlands

To note

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-3-3-Announcement-The Netherlands.docx
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/3/4a SIMP Cover note

The meeting is invited to discuss the progress reached so far and give general input to the document. The meeting is further invited to submit detailed input to the document in a written form (latest by 6 May).

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-4_SIMP Meeting Document (2020-04-17).docx
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/3/4b SIMP Draft v0

To discuss / comment

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-4_SIMP Meeting Document (2020-04-17).docx
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/5/1 Cooperation with Swiss watch company “Oris”

The meeting is invited to discuss proposal for cooperation with “Oris” as outlined in the document and decide on the submission of the proposal to the WSB.

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-5-1-Oris-Edition-2020-04-20.docx
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/5/2 WH Logo Use overview

The meeting is invited to note the document.

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-5-2-WH logo use.docx
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/5/3a WH Supplementary Budget 2020 (cover note)

The meeting is invited to take note respectively to comment on the status

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-5-3a World Heritage Supplementary Budget 2020.docx
TG-WH 30 TG-WH 30/5/3b WH activities in Supplementary Budget 2020 (Excel file)

The meeting is invited to take note respectively to comment on the status

27.04.2020 File TG-WH 30-5-3b-Suppl-Budget 2020-v2.xlsx
WSB 29 WSB 29/0 WSB 29 Adopted Summary Record

19 June 2019, Vlieland

17.12.2019 PDF icon wsb_29_final_summary_record.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/2/1 WSB 30 Draft Annotated Agenda

21 November 2019, Wilhelmshaven

08.11.2019 PDF icon WSB30 draft annotaded agenda v2 08-11-2019.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.2/1 TG-M progress report

Flyway & Breeding Birds, Fish targets/ Swimway, Wardening & management, Seal Management Plan, Harbour porpoises, Alien Species, Salt Marshes, Sustainable Fisheries, Marine litter, Light Emissions, Ports & shipping, Trilateral Research Agenda, Natura 2000 roof report, SIMP, QSR, work plan

08.11.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.2-1_tg-m_report.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.5 TG-M on Dutch note-Operational Plan Shipping

Shipping safety, Management

08.11.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.5_tg-m_on_dutch_proposal.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.8/3 TG-M proposal on WSF Shipping Group

Wadden Sea Forum, MSC Zoe, DenGerNeth-MARAD

08.11.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.8-3_tg-m_on_wsf_shipping group.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.7 Science Cooperation TRA-RMC

Trilateral Research Agenda Road Map Committee, TOR, Terms of Reference

05.11.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.7 Science Cooperation TRA-RMC.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.10/3 Press Review 2019

Press coverage

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.10-3 press review 2019.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.10/5 ITB Intro Steering Group Concept 2020

International Tourism Fair, Berlin, Sustainable Tourism, NG-ST

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.10-5 itb introduction steering group concept for 2020.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.11 Progress Report of the OPTeamPH

Anniversary, Memorandum of Understanding, Partnership Hub

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.11 opteamph 12 progress report.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.1/1 TG-WH progress report

State of Conservation, Esbjerg harbour, WH strategy/ roadmap, WH Marine Programme, renewable energy

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.1-1 tg wh progress report.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.11 MoU Partnerships signed

Partnership Hub, Memorandum of Understanding

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.11 opteamph - annex 19-10-25 mou signed.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.1/2 SIMP status report

Single Integrated Management Plan, site-managers’ interviews and workshop, key topics, preliminary structure

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.1-2 simp status report.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.1/3 PROWAD LINK Progress Report

Launch event, ITB, Partnership Hub, anniversary, brand activation, SMEs

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.1-3 prowad-link progress report.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.2/2 WSFI Activities

Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative, International Climate Initiative (IKI), Arctic workshop in Yamal

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.2-2 wsfi activities.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.4 Climate (CVI, SCOCC progress report)

Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC), IPCC, Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CVI)

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.4 climate.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.8/1 WSF Water Management

Wadden Sea Forum, climate change adaptation, surface water management, marsh

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.8-1 wsf water management.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.8/2 WSF Shipping Group

Wadden Sea Forum, shipping group

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.8-2 ws shipping group.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.9 Status Yellow Sea

Yellow Sea, PR China, DPRK North Korea, ROK South Korea, International Cooperation, IUCN, East-Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.9 status yellow sea.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.10/1 Anniversary Evaluation

Anniversary, Bike tour, Wilhelmshaven, anniversary events

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.10-1 anniversary evaluation.pdf
WSB 30 WSB 30/5.10/2 Update Website Re-Launch

Website merger, launch, log-in area, access

30.10.2019 PDF icon WSB30 5.10-2 update website re-launch.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/5.2/3 Note TG-MA

Monitoring and Assessment

14.06.2019 PDF icon wsb_29-5-2-3_note_tg-ma.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/5.2/1 TG-M progress report

Flyway & Breeding Birds, Fish targets/ Swimway, Wardening & management, Seal Management Plan, Harbour porpoises, Marine litter, Light Emissions, Energy, Ports & shipping, Trilateral Research Agenda, N2000 Roof Report, SIMP, Sustainable fisheries

13.06.2019 PDF icon wsb_29-5-2-1_report_tg-m.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/5.5/1 Shipping Safety


12.06.2019 PDF icon wsb-29-5-5-1_shipping_safety.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/5.10/2 Trilateral Education Work Programme

IWSS, education, NG-E

12.06.2019 PDF icon wsb-29-5-10-2-trilateral_education_work_programme.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/5.2/2 Harbour porpoise workshop report

Wilhelmshaven, scientific symposium, ASCOBANS, EG-Seals

07.06.2019 PDF icon wsb_29-5-2-2_harbour_porpoise_workshop.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/5.1/1 Development of the Single Integrated Management Plan


04.06.2019 PDF icon wsb-29-5-1-1-simp_status_report.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/5.10/1 Proposal for IWSS Continuation

WWF, education

03.06.2019 PDF icon wsb-29-5-10-1-proposal_for_iwss_continuation.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/5.11/1 Progress Report of the OP Team PH

Operational Team Partnership Hub, Memorandum of Understanding, anniversary, signing ceremony

29.05.2019 PDF icon wsb_29-5-11-1-op_team_ph10_progress_report.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/5.9/1 Cooperation with Yellow Sea countries

China, Korea, international cooperation

24.05.2019 PDF icon wsb-29-5-9-1-yellowsea.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/0 WSB 28 Adopted Summary Record

14 March 2019, Berlin

13.05.2019 PDF icon wsb_28_final_summary_record.pdf
WSB 29 WSB 29/2/1 WSB 29 Draft Annotated Agenda

18-19 June 2019, Vlieland

13.05.2019 PDF icon wsb_29_draft_annotated_agenda_130519.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/2/1 WSB 28 Draft Annotated Agenda

14 March 2019, Berlin, Germany

07.03.2019 PDF icon wsb_28_draft_annotated_agenda_rev-2.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/7.1/1 TOR TWSC groups

Terms of Reference, TWSC review process

04.03.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-7-1-1_TWSC_TOR_of_groups.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/7.1/2 Lists of members of TWSC groups

TWSC review process

04.03.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-7-1-2_TWSC_group_members.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/7.1/3 TWSC Workplan 2019-2022

TWSC review process, CWSS work plan

04.03.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-7-1-3_draft_TWSC_Workplan_2019-22.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/7.1/4 TWSC Priorities List 2019

TWSC review process, CWSS

04.03.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-7-1-4_TWSC_List_of_prorities.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.1/3 TG-STS Progress Report

Sustainable Tourism Strategy & Action Plan 2018-2022, TWSC Review Process

01.03.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-5-1-3-TG-STS Progress Report.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.2/2 Swimway Action Programme

Final draft

01.03.2019 PDF icon wsb-28-5-2-2_swimway_action_programme.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.2/1 Report TG-MM

Task Group Management and Monitoring, Flyway & Breeding Birds, Fish targets, Wardening & management, Harbour porpoises, Alien Species, TMAP, QSR & Data Handling, Sustainable Fisheries, Ports and shipping, Trilateral Research Agenda, N2000 Roof Report

28.02.2019 PDF icon wsb_28-5-2-1_report_tg-mm.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/0 WSB 27 Adopted Summary Record

13 November 2018, Copenhagen

28.02.2019 PDF icon wsb-27-final_draft_summary_record.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.10/4 Update website re-launch

CWSS and WSWH websites, merger, anniversary page

27.02.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-5-4-Update website re-launch.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.9/3 Arctic Migratory Bird Initiative (AMBI)

Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), Arctic Council, Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative (WSFI)

27.02.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-5-9-3-AMBI_memo.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.2/3 Management and Action Plan for Alien Species (MAPAS)

Final draft

25.02.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-5-2-3- MAPAS.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.10/3 10th anniversary celebration – information to the Board

Bike Tour, event series

22.02.2019 PDF icon wsb-28-5-3-10th anniversary celebration.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.1/1 TG-WH Progress Report

MSC Zoe, Glory Amsterdam, houting, Esbjerg harbour, World Heritage Strategy and Road Map, Anniversary, Marine Litter

20.02.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-5-1-1-TG-WH-progress_report.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.1/2 Development of the Single Integrated Management Plan

WH workshop, Preliminary structure, timeline

20.02.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-5-1-2-Status Report SIMP.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.4/2 Development of a Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CVI)

ARC Centre for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University, Outstanding Universal Value, climate change, assessment

20.02.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-5-4-2-CVI_proposal.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.4/1 TG-C progress report

Climate change Vulnerability Index (CVI), Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC), Building with Nature

18.02.2019 PDF icon WSB28_5-4-1_TG-C_progress_report.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.9/2 MOU PNBA Mauritania

MoU Mauritania draft action plan, Parc National Banc d’Arguin

18.02.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-5-9-2-MOU_PNBA_Mauritania.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.10/2 IWSS Workshop Report 2018

Lauwersoog & Pieterburen, Netherlands, 5-7 November 2018

15.02.2019 PDF icon WSB 28-5-10-2 IWSS Workshop Report.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.9/1 Cooperation with other WH sites

Future potential and added value of cooperation

15.02.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-5-9-1-Cooperation-WH-sites-Revised.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.7/1 Trilateral Research Agenda – Joint Paper TG-MM and TG-WH

TG World Heritage & TG Management and Monitoring on TRA

15.02.2019 PDF icon WSB 28-5-7-1-TRA joint document-2019-02-15.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.10/1 IWSS Annual Report 2018

IWSS activities in 2018, cooperation contract with WWF, education

15.02.2019 PDF icon WSB 28-5-10-1 IWSS Annual Report.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/6.1/1 Progress Report of the OPTeamPH

Operational Team Partnership Hub, Terms of Reference, Leeuwarden Conference

15.02.2019 PDF icon WSB-28-6-1-1-OP Team PH8 Progress Report.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/1/1 WSB 28 Invitation

13-14 March 2019, Berlin

12.02.2019 File L19-02 WSB 28 Invitation 2019-02-19revised.docx
WSB 28 WSB 28/4.2/1 Danish representation on WSB

Danish representatives to Wadden Sea Team, Christian Bruhn Rieper

23.01.2019 PDF icon WSB 28-4-2-1 Danish representation on WSB rev1.pdf
WSB 28 WSB 28/5.5/1 Wadden Sea Container spill

MSC Zoe, World Heritage Centre letter

17.01.2019 PDF icon WSB 28-5-5-1 Ref11362_DE_NL_WS_C_spill_190111_0.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.1/5 Prowad Link presentation

Interreg, sustainable growth, protect & prosper

13.11.2018 PDF icon WSB-27-5.1-5-PROWAD-LINK-Overview-2018-11-05.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.9/3 WSFI Arctic workshop and initiative

East Atlantic Flyway, Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative (WSFI)

07.11.2018 PDF icon wsb-27-5.9-3-WSFI Arctic cooperation.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.10/3 Press review 2018

TWSC-related press, Leeuwarden Conference

06.11.2018 PDF icon WSB-27-5-10-3-Press review.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.2/1 Report TG-MM

Fish targets, Harbour porpoises, Sustainable Fisheries, Quality Status Report, N2000 roof report

06.11.2018 PDF icon WSB 27-5-2-1 Report TG-MM.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.1/3b Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) Shark Bay

Shark Bay World Heritage Area (Western Australia), climate change, ARC

05.11.2018 PDF icon WSB 27-5-1-3b_CVI.PDF
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.1/4 TG-STS Progress Report

Sustainable tourism

02.11.2018 PDF icon WSB-27-5.1-4-TG-STS Progress Report.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.1/3 Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) proposal

Climate change, ARC Centre for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University, Outstanding Universal Value

24.10.2018 PDF icon WSB 27-5-1-3_CVI.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.9/2b Cooperation with other WH sites - short list

Natural World Heritage Sites

23.10.2018 PDF icon WSB-27-5.9-2b-List Natural WH-sites.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.1/2 TG-WH Progress Report

Esbjerg harbour, houting, World Heritage Strategy and Road Map, Development Wadden Sea WH Management Plan (SIMP)

23.10.2018 PDF icon WSB-27-5.1-2-TG-WH Progress Report.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.9/2a Cooperation with other WH sites

Future potential and added value of cooperation with other WH sites

23.10.2018 PDF icon WSB-27-5.9-2a-Cooperation-WH-sites.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.10/1 10th anniversary celebration

Bike tour, event series, concept

15.10.2018 PDF icon wsb-27-5-10-1-10th anniversary celebration.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.10/2 TWSC/CWSS-logo competition: Results and further steps

TWSC/CWSS-logo, evaluation

12.10.2018 PDF icon wsb-27-5-10-2_logo competition.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.1/1 ITB participation 2019

Prowad Link, Tourism

12.10.2018 PDF icon WSB 27-5-1-1 ITB Participation 2019.pdf
WSB 26 WSB 26/0 WSB 26 Adopted Summary Record

18 May 2018, Leeuwarden

08.10.2018 PDF icon WSB 26 Draft Summary Record.pdf
WSB 25 WSB 25/0 WSB 25 Adopted Summary Record

17 May 2018, Leeuwarden

08.10.2018 PDF icon WSB25_summary record.pdf
WSB 24 WSB 24/0 WSB 24 Adopted Summary Record

20 April 2018, Groningen, Netherlands

08.10.2018 PDF icon wsb-24 Summary Record.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/2/1 WSB 27 Draft Annotated Agenda

12-13 November 2018, Copenhagen

08.10.2018 PDF icon wsb_27_draft_annotated_agenda Rev.1.pdf
WSB 27 WSB 27/5.9/1 MoU Banc d’Arguin – Wadden Sea Draft action plan 2018-2020 08.10.2018 PDF icon WSB 27-5-9-1-MoU PNBA Mauritania.pdf
WSB 25 WSB 25/6.1/2 Conservation and Management Plan for the Wadden Sea Seal Population 2018-22

Seal Management Plan, TSEG, EG-Seals

16.05.2018 PDF icon wsb-25-6-1-2-SMP2018-22.pdf
WSB 26 WSB 26/5/1 TWSC Review Process

Evaluation & review process, Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation

11.05.2018 PDF icon wsb_26-5-1_TWSC Review Process.pdf
WSB 25 WSB 25/2/1 WSB 25 Draft Annotated Agenda

17 May 2018, Groningen, Netherlands

04.05.2018 PDF icon wsb_25_draft_annotated_agenda.pdf
WSB 26 WSB 26/2/1 WSB 26 Draft Annotated Agenda

18 May 2018, Leeuwarden

04.05.2018 PDF icon wsb 26 draft annotated agenda.pdf
WSB 26 WSB 26/1/1 WSB 26 Invitation

18 May 2018, Leeuwarden

04.05.2018 File L18-117- WSB 26 Invitation 2018-05-04.docx
WSB 25 WSB 25/6/1 10th anniversary celebration

10-year anniversary, bike tour, World Heritage

04.05.2018 PDF icon wsb-25-6-1-10th anniversary celebration.pdf